The painting that comes from the Setch studio
is essentially a reworking inspired by primitive markings.


The Sign is
"the primary element that allows one to recognise existence in the absence of something".
It should be understood as a forerunner of the more sophisticated symbol to which convention attributes a precise meaning. Primitive man has left us
a number of signs throughout the planet,
whether engraved in stone, in clay or painted on rock surfaces.

Although coming from different cultures,
different religions, different geographical settings,
these signs appear to have many similarities of forms.

The technique and the background material used have an effect on the outline.
The beginnings of a written language stabilise the form.
However, it is possible to note, from time to time,
forms which seem to exist apart from the given sense.




These signs have existed since the origin of the world;
our world which we are in daily practice of developing.
When we say of an object that it is "beautiful",
of a place that it is "pleasant", that "we feel good here",
is it not possible that this is a recognition of form and colour from a remote time in our collective memory?

If a fish can be "symbolised" by an oval in which there is a circle, with a triangle at one end,
this same pattern can be otherwise identified as an eye or something else.
What is this real link?
Is it not a deeper essential form for us? In a world which is complex, torn apart, violent,
perpetually changing,
with a strong need of communication,
a recognition of the importance of primordial signs is a form of anchorage in our past.

"Where are we going?" is inseparable from "Where do we come from?"

The Setch studio offers you a chance to walk in a world of these signs. Our approach to these signs is not scientific,
nor do we seek to classify them in some way.
We certainly do not want to give them a particular significance

Quite simply,
our paintings try to awaken in the onlooker a memory
which may have been lost since childhood.
A few simple strokes may sum up this immense world
and lead to a recognition of a way forward which will be in essence serene and peaceful.



Thanks to Brigitte Fallot for the english traduction.